Tour price excludes entry fees *as at January 2020

Your holiday dollars go direct to the locals for everything, pay as you go direct to Local attractions .  We love to Welcome visitors and ensure you have a unique and Real experience with memories and friendships to last forever. We are passionate about educating visitors and supporting our local Ni-Van community, providing employment and opportunities directly to the local Ni-Vans....Come, immerse yourself in our lifestyle and See the Real Vila  in Vanuaut with Charlie & Karina and their village family.

  • Cascade waterfalls 2500vt  $30aud
  • Hidwaway island is 1500vt $20aud
  • Blue lagoon is 1500vt $20aud
  • Rarru waterfalls is 1500vt$20aud
  • Turtles is 1500vt $20aud
  • Eton beach is 500vt $10aud
  • Hot spring is 1500vt $15aud
  • Back to eden is 1500vt/ $15aud buy and eat at the restaurant.
  • Round the island tour is a different , 16,000vt  $250aud per booking. From two people to 10 people.