Meeting Point & locations

Charlie and his team meet you at the gates of the Port marked with our huge 4m banner. Before you disembark, take time to look down from the decks above and you wil see our huge banner at our meeting point. You will be greeted by one of our team who will have a sign with your booking name (similar to airport arrivals). During upgrade of our Port the Markets are now as you disembark, head through the markets to the meeting point, save shopping for when you return to ship, there will be time. If in doubt ask one of the Port Authority security guards and they will direct you to our Meeting point.

As a courtesy to other guests please be ready at our meeting point by 8am


  Charlie's Village

  All our See the Real Vila tours start with visiting Charlie's village. Meet and greet wife Karina, Mother Tayo & extended family, taste the local produce and have a tour learning how we live. See the progress of Charlie & Karina's dream brick home.


Cascade waterfalls 
Entry fee 2500 vt

  Cascade waterfalls is on the Western side of the Island and is perfect to see the beauty of Vanuatu. Our teen visitors hot foot it to  
  the top falls in less than 20 mins, while our family groups take their time and enjoy the scenery and photo opportunities as they
  discover the beauty in no such rush. Our senior visitors enjoy the waterfalls in all its beauty without racing uphill in the peaceful surrounding gardena as you enter. There's a view and an experience for everyone.

We recommend spending 1.5 - 2 hours at the waterfalls if you are climbing & swimming

  • perfect for swimming- bring a towel and thongs aqua shoes
  • steep walking required (to reach the top)
  • beautiful scenery, bring your camera, go pro or gadget your valuables will be safe.


Blue Lagoon
Entry fee 500 vt

Blue lagoon is one of Junior's favourites and is on the eastern side of the Island. It's where the locals choose to relax, picnic and play. Blue Lagoon is a beautiful spot for swimming, floating, rope swinging and just a short walk to the beach you'll love our slice of Island paradise.  Bring the camera, go pro or gadget, your valuables will be safe.


Cultural Dance
 Entry fee -small

  Our tours visit a Village and experience the cultural beauty of Vanuatu, through song and dance.

 Enjoy 3 generations in cultural Dance with naration, try traditional face painting and join in dancing and cultural activities with the Chief. Plenty of time for photos & videos while you meet, greet and farewell with memories lasting a lifetime.


  Beach Bar

  The Beach Bar, (departure point to Hideaway Island) has a full menu, stocked bar and a great location for a lunch, cocktail or snack throughout the day.

  Water play activities for everyone to enjoy and great safe swimming, for both young and old with markets right at the beach front.


Hideaway Island

  • Entry fee 1500 vt

Hideaway Island - small boat ride away from the Beach Bar also has a restaurant and beautiful spots for relaxation or swimming. You can walk the circumference of the island in 15mins. Fully equipped scuba & snorkelling hire available from the resort here.


Port Vila

If Duty Free shopping is high on your list of things to do then let us know! We'll be sure to take you to the best spot for Duty Free Shopping in Port Vila.

Port Vila is well known to be the cheapest duty free in the South Pacific Islands.



Along with Charlie's village and cultural experience, Markets are also a perfect way to See the real Vila with our team. Meet the locals and sample the local produce and works.

Learn what crops they rely on and how they planted new crops immediately after Cyclone Pam.


Tanna Coffee and chocolate Factory

If Coffee is something that you're interested in or enjoy, the Coffee Factory Plantation is great to visit. Have a sit down at the cafe and learn how they produce & export coffee beans in Port Vila.


Beach Visit

Honeymoon beach is a private beach & ideal for a quiet get away from the large groups of tourists. Visit the beautiful white sands, snorkel or just have a dip in the water. For a unique experience in the natural beauty of the South Pacific, enjoy where the locals love to relax and picnic.


 Turtle Bay
Entry and BBQ lunch 1500 vt

  Turtle Bay is a beautiful spot and is one of Junior's favourites on the Eastern side of the Island. You can relax and enjoy their beauty  
  on the white sand beach, capturing amazing photos up close while you learn about these ageing  beauties. For the more
  adventurous and at no extra cost you can swim around with them and discover the other beatiful creatures and coloured star fish
  around. There is a shark enclosure as part of the exhibit as well.