Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Charlie, Karina & team once I get to Port Vila?

 Charlie or one of his team will wait for you just off the cruise ship - with a sign with your name on it (similar to Airport transfers). They are very easily found as you will notice a banner 4 meters tall with the  logo and  Welcome sign right where you exit the port after the markets. Prior to disembarking we recommend you take time to spot us from the decks above. Please ensure you are at our meeting point at 8am (shortly after disembarkation) There will be plenty of time to shop at the markets when you return to the ship.

How much does it cost for a tour for the day?

$60 pp AUD  for adults and $45 pp AUD for children 5-12 years and under.  Children  4 and under are Welcome at no cost (they may be asked to sit on your lap for part of the journey)

Is it true you can get a Taxi into town much cheaper?
Yes, there are a huge number of Taxis lining the Wharf road close to port. They offer taxi services, we are different as we offer Tour Service with guides all fluent in English  with years of experience and local knowledge. A taxi will take you from doing A to B just like they do in your hometown.

Will Charlie be my driver?
Charlie, Karina and team will all be a part of your experience. All of our drivers offer a unique See the Real Vila experience and we assure that you won't be disappointed! Charlies brothers also drive and you will most likely meet them with Charlies Mum Taiyo during your visit.

Do I need to share with another group?
See the Real Vila Tours has had great success and feedback from customers who share with other groups and meet new people - becoming life long cruising friends, sharing pictures and stories.

How do I make payment?
Inital Payment of $10aud per seat made is online through secure link on this website. Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are all accepted. Refunds are made promptly if your ship is unable to dock due to weather etc, see our Terms and Conditions. Balance of your tour is payable in AUD cash on the day. (notes not coins please)

Are entry fees additional?

Yes your entry fees go direct to local land owners for their attractions


How long are tours?
Tours are typically all day, departure is 8am shortly after customs clearance and disembarkation tours usually  return around 3.30pm -4pm (or ship schedule)

What tours do you offer?
All our tours start early with a short drive to Charlie's village. You'll see the progress of Charlie and Karinas dream to have a brick home. You'll be invited to experience some of the foods and handicrafts of the village. Bow and arrow shooting, brick making, basket weaving , wood canoe carvings, cocunut tree climbing and more.You'll then go a little further of the beaten track to enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience hosted by their Uncle who is also native to their homeland Tanna Island. In their village they also live without running water and electrciity and enjoy the opportunity to celbrate with you in their traditional cultural dance.

How many different places can I fit on my tour?
After the morning of cultural experience we recommend visting the East or the Western side of the Island as detailed in Phylines Favourite and Juniors choice. All tours regroup at the Seafront for time to stroll CBD shopping, pick up some duty free bargains before heading back to wharf road.

Do you have disabled access in your Vehicles?
Contact us for further for guidance and advice

How many seats in your vans?
We have  multiple vans 23 seater, 15 seaters and 11 seaters, Large groups Welcome-

contact us for discount code!

Are your vehicles fitted with Seat Belts?
Yes, although there are no mandatory seatbelt laws we advise and encourage our guests to wear seatbelts & travel safely.



Charlie's top tips when choosing a guide to tour with in the South Pacific Region

  1. Take time to research your destination Port, local attractions and village experiences 

  2. Know what your looking for and keep in mind there's a huge difference between a Taxi service and a Tour guide✅

  3. Look for operators that have current membership with local tourism authority's eg/VTOA Vanuatu Tourism Operators Association 

  4. Make sure you are dealing with a registered company that complies with National government regulations✅

  5. Ensure you have several forms of contact points eg Facebook, registered domain website, official email address, local phone contact , physical & postal addresses

  6. Take time to read published reviews and feedback

  7. Know that drivers should have correct license for vehicle size

  8. Be prepared to pay a fair price for a fair service and agree before the day of the tour. Haggling at port causes unnecessary stress on both locals and guests.

  9. Ensure your guide is fluent in English or your preferred language 

  10. Ask you guide for tips on photography when meeting locals

  11. Respect local custom and avoid expecting things to be the same as home. International travel will mean new and different experiences✈️

  12. Be sure you have access to booking information terms and conditions published on a website, ticket or booking confirmation

  13. Enjoy your holiday and make new friends