Charlie & Karina's Dream

For many Years  Charlie & Karina have been working to build their 'brick home' for their family, to protect them from the harsh weather conditions they experience during Cyclones. The concrete slab took well over a year to create but is a great achievement and milestone. 2015 started off well with income from tours increasing, building materials being purchased and a few layers of house bricks laid.

Unfortunately Cyclone Pam hit in March 2015 was a great setback for the entire Nation and took the corrugated iron homes of many in Vanuatu, including Charlie & Karina's. This has given more determination to continue their dream for the safety of Phyline, Charlie Junior and baby on the way. Then another challenge with baby Ammie  arriving 8 weeks early and staying with Karina away from the village until she had gained weight and well enough to come home to the village for Christmas that year.

As the dream continues Tropical Cyclone Cook passed through in April 2017 and Tropical Cyclone Donna is bringing heavy downfalls today 6th May 2017, the sleep out still leaks with buckets resembling ponds keeping the determination to focus on the Dream Brick home

Hellow everybody, This Charlie and Karina Royel. We are so thankful for all of you who have been booking us from the beginning of this tours, because it was through you all that we started building our new house. The old house was being blown away by the Cyclone Pam, but with you supporting us financially, we are starting to build our house. There is no support whatsoever, so we depend on you, and when you book us we have a job to do. And through that we are able to build the houses. The house is about a year now and we have few layers of bricks aready laid, but we will lay more bricks later when we get the finance. Thanks for everyone who help  towards the building/ house. We hope to see more difference in the months to come. AGAIN, Thank you all and love you heaps.

Love from. Charlie, Karina, Philyne and Jr Charlie