Charlie's top tips when choosing a guide to tour with in the South Pacific Region

  1. Take time to research your destination Port, local attractions and village experiences 
  2. Know what your looking for and keep in mind there's a huge difference between a Taxi service and a Tour guide✅
  3. Look for operators that have current membership with local tourism authority's eg/VTOA Vanuatu Tourism Operators Association 
  4. Make sure you are dealing with a registered company that complies with National government regulations✅
  5. Ensure you have several forms of contact points eg Facebook, registered domain website, official email address, local phone contact , physical & postal addresses
  6. Take time to read published reviews and feedback
  7. Know that drivers should have correct license for vehicle size
  8. Be prepared to pay a fair price for a fair service and agree before the day of the tour. Haggling at port causes unnecessary stress on both locals and guests.
  9. Ensure your guide is fluent in English or your preferred language 
  10. Ask you guide for tips on photography when meeting locals
  11. Respect local custom and avoid expecting things to be the same as home. International travel will mean new and different experiences✈️
  12. Be sure you have access to booking information terms and conditions published on a website, ticket or booking confirmation
  13. Enjoy your holiday and make new friends

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