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Charlie was born on one of Vanuatu's 83 Island- Tanna Island, (recently famous for internationally awarded Movie "Tanna")  he is the second born and eldest of 5 sons to Mother Tayo. Sadly, Charlie’s father passed away after a short illness when he was just 15yrs old. Not long affter Charlie's Mother bought the family to the largest island Capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. Charlie and many of his family rent land and have established their village like all locals with separate yet communal dwellings.

Charlie met Karina through their church,  which is a strong part of thier Christian community. They have 4 children Phyline, Charlie Junior, Ammie and RoseAnne.

For over 18 years Charlie has turned up at the Port everyday a cruise ship docked with the hope of a fare, at least a quick trip into town or preferably the day. Charlie is fluent in English and has picked up many Aussie slangs. 



Donald is active in their Church community and was appointed as head of the Building project focusing on rebuilding the church after they lost it during cyclone Pam in March 2016.Discussions held with the Pastor in April revealed the aim was to complete building works in 8 yrs time. Donald's daughter Rachel is close in age  to Phyline (Charlie's daughter). Donald is the prankster of the family and loves a good practical joke.

"Thank you Donald for giving us a great time.. and showing us some special sights of Vanuatu" - Melissa



After a trip to Port Vila, Vanuatu late 2014 and meeting Charlie and his beautiful family by recommendation Sophie (then 16years old) Charlie & Karina have worked together to promote 'Charlie Royel Taxi Service - Port Vila, Vanuatu' and spread the word about not only Charlie's business but tourism across Vanuatu. 

Charlie Royel Taxi Service - was promoted online and soon relaunched as 'See the real Vila Tours'  this was just days before the devastation of Cyclone Pam in March 2015 so focus switched straight to Humanitarian relief and has soon gone on to be a sucessful business bringing income opportunities to many across several village communities.


During 2019 Sophie, together the Professors from University of Western Sydney, were sucessful in obtaining a signicifcant NSW State Government local community Grant focusing on community education and access to Defibribiltors for Hawkesury river areas who face delays from Emergency services


4 years on Sophie has completed High School,  recently Graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine) all while working for NSW Health as a Patient Transport officer and continuing her work in the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteering directly on the firefront supporting those in need in the community.


In recognition of her service to community Sophie is a 2020 finalist Young Achiever Awards NSW, Healthier Community Awards best of luck Sophie







Karina met Charlie through the local church, later marrying and having 4 children, Philyne, Charlie Junior,  Ammie and RoseAnne Karina is passionate about education for all her children and since Phyline started school, Karina is increasingly concerned that the focus is on outdoor play and not classroom activities and basic literacy. 

Karina is a talented dressmaker/ seamstress and  designed and created shirts for the all out Tour guides

"Thank you Karina for our tour, we really enjoyed it and will be back on day!" - Michel


Donald, Wilkinson, Ray, Nia and Loil

When the brothers are not busy hosting tours you'll find them working hard in the village  busy with family life.  
Thanks to Charlie & team for showing us around Port Vila, Vanuatu & your welcoming family!... We had a full onshore tour- loved it
 - Catherine



William is Charlie's younger cousin and is pretty keen on music. After a particular day hosting Kiwi's from the Pacific Dawn, he has been affectionately named Will I am.

Meeting off the cruise ship- or Your local Accomodation

Charlie and  team meet you just at the gates of the Port. Before you disembark, take time to look down from the decks above and you will see our huge 4 metre banner at the gates. Walk all the way through the Mummas markets (you'll have time to return) then you will be greeted by one of our team who will have a sign with your booking name (similar to airport arrivals).

On the morning of your arrival we highly recommend you rising early and enjoying the sunrise over our beautiful islands, have an early breakfast and be ready to disembark shortly after customs clearance. As a courtesy to other guest please be ready at our meeting point around 8-830am